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T-Tech Solutions has maintained Security System and services according to the set standards of the different higher authorities. Therefore, we get several awards and certificates in our way to success. These privileges from there renowned institutions are honor for us.

About Us

T-Tech Solutions  laid its foundation in Pakistan ,We are made our glamorous success story since 2010. The aim of establishing our company was to provide the Security System and protection devices, their installation and maintenance, all under one roof.

We strive hard, and after years of working hard, we have gained a prestige name in the market. Every passing year was better than previous in our progress. We are able to gain this repetition due to the dedication and sincerity with our profession.
You can prefer us over the other companies, because of the quality work and services, we provide. We have hired a number of skillful technicians, who performs their duties in such a way that no room for any complain lefts, and the customers gets fully satisfied.

CCTV Camera Installation
CCTV Camera Installation

Closed-circuit television is commonly referred to CCTV. These are installed at several places for adding an extra layer of security. 

Access Control System Installation

Access control systems are the most advanced devices to provide ultimate security to your premises. These systems end up your worries about the protection of your worthy 

Network Services
Network Services

Network Security System are invented to facilitate the communication. With these systems, the people can communicate conveniently even over the long distances. 

Software Solutions
Software Solutions

A software solution is a program that automates or enhances a specific task, such as a desktop or mobile app, web app, or cloud service.

Storage Solutions

A storage solution manages and stores digital data using hardware and software, including storage devices and data management tools.

PA System
PA System

A Public Address (PA) system amplifies sound, such as voice, to a large audience in a public setting, using a microphone, amplifier, and speakers.


Servers are specialized systems that provide services or resources to other devices on a network, such as hosting websites, storing and managing data, and running applications.

IT Solutions
IT Solutions

IT solutions involve using technology, such as hardware, software, networking, and cloud computing, to provide effective and efficient solutions to specific business or personal needs.


A firewall is a network security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing traffic to prevent unauthorized access to a private network, based on predetermined security rules.

What Our Clients Say About Us

TTech Solutions Lab PVT LTD
TTech Solutions Lab PVT LTD
17 Google reviews
Sara Rizvi
Professional and good humanbeing . I am really happy they solve my problem on anydesk ..thank you Mr Amjad
Usman Gigi
Fantastic service from TTech Solutions Lab PVT LTD we use the services of cctv camera installation.Great guys, good company.I really satisfied by their good work.
Mr Ejaz
Great services. They set up a telephone exchange and a CCTV system in our company. Their services have met our complete satisfaction
Rizwan Ahmed
We use the CCTV camera installation service. Best provider of CCTV cameras ,Very happy and highly recommended.
Ammar Jd
Today I visit the cctv camera shop near me for purchasing security system this shop prices is fine for me
Adnan Khan
T-tech Solution lab is best cctv shop .. highly recommended
Aftab Iqbal
Service good on timely .I recommended for everyone for intercom
Best CCTV cameras installation services providers in PWD Islamabad
Ali Nawaz
Great services we purchased zk uface 800
Ali Shah
Thank you Mr Amjad. Your boys gave excellent cctv installation service