T-Tech Solutions Lab, Islamabad

We provide multiple services under one roof

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security for your small, Medium-Scale or Large-Scale Enterprise networks

Cloud Computing Consultation

We provide consultation for Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services

WordPress Design and Development

We design and develop WordPress Websites with Premium Themes and Plugins with Responsive behavior and pixel-perfect

Digital Marketing

At T-Tech Solutions Lab, Islamabad; We provide Digital marketing services for your local-to-International from small-to-large Scale businesses with result-oreinted campaigns

CCTV Installation & maintenance

CCTV Cameras minimum range from 2MP to 5MP upto Customers needs with Analog and IP-Cameras for best results

Digital Marketing

       Digital Campaigns Design
   backlinks Generation
   On Page & Off Page
    Monitoring Marketing Metrics
       Maintaining Digital Dashboard
Marketing Automation
    Google Ads Campaigns
  Social Media Handling
 Email Marketing
     Search Engine Optimization
     Web Analytics & Reporting
        Content Creation & Marketing

At T-Tech Solutions Lab, Islamabad

Digital marketing services are being provided for small scale to large scale businesses around the globe

Cyber Security Services

Malware Protection

Cyber Security Risk Assessment
Reverse Engineering Protection
SMB Enumeration Exploitation Prevention

Incident Response

Cyber Intrusion Discovery & Preventive Measures
Malicious Code, Unauthorized Access Detected

Mitigates Attacking Vectors

Cyber Threat Intelligence Environment
Active Directory Enumeration Preventation
Active Directory Security Assessment

Cloud based Security

Cyber Security Logging and Monitoring
Unauthorized Access Eradication, Recovery & Safety
SOC Operations Guidence

Penetration Testing

At T-Tech Solutions Lab-Islamabad, We provide consultation services for Penetration Testing for your on-site Network(s) and Cloud-based Deployments

Vulnerability Scanning

Risk Mitigation procedures
Web Application Penetration Testing

       Social Engineering Prevention

NIST Privacy Framework Recommendations

  Authentication Configuration Security

OWASP Vulnerability Management
OWASP Penetration Testing

Remediation Validation

Privilege Escalation Mitigation

Network Forensic & Complete Audit

At T-Tech Solutions Lab, Islamabad
We provide complete protection for
Windows OSs and Linux OSs
from Viruses, Ransomeware, Backdoors, DDoS Attacks
Mitigating Cloud Vulnerabilities
SOC Operations
LOG Analysis
Databses Protection
Active Directory Enumeration Protection
Corporate Reconnaissance Protection
Information Security
Penetration Testing
Attack Surface Reduction
Firewall Security
0-Day Vulnerabilites Assessments
Common Ports Protection
Malware Protection
Phishing Attacks Protection
Intrusion Detection System
Intrusion Prevention System
DDoS Attacks Protection
Digital Forensics Responders
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T-Tech Solutions Lab, Islamabad

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