CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera

CCTV camera is a camera which is used for the surveillance of certain places. These cameras can be installed at those places where you want to observe the surroundings. These cameras capture the audios and videos and send them to the LED or LCD displays, where a single person can monitor the things.cctv camera price in pakistan

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Cctv cameras is exactly according to the needs of the modern time, where there is high risk of criminal activities and an unfortunate hazard. T-Tech telesolutions supplies are high quality CCTV camera to install at your desired places for surveillance, and getting maximum security. In addition to the quality products they also provide the services of CCTV camera installation and CCTV camera maintenance.

Types of CCTV Camera

The cctv cameras are divided into different types because other features and their shapes. Some of them are mentioned below:

i- Dome CCTV cameras:

The dome cctv cameras have a shape resembling at dome. They have built-in infrared LEDs, therefore, they are capable to capture videos in low of light.

ii- Bullet CCTV cameras:

Bullet CCTV cameras are smaller in size, and resembles bullets in shape. Therefore, they are named as Bullet cameras.

iii- C-mount CCTV camera:

A C-mount camera has a lens mounted in it. It can be used as a closed circuit television camera for the surveillance.

iv- PTZ (Pan tilt zoom) camera:

The PTZ camera has the features of tilting, panning and zooming. It can rotate and also moves up and down, and it is also capable to zoom for capturing.

v- Day/Night cameras:

The day night cameras are marvelous CCTV cameras because they can function in both the day and the night.

vi- Infrared/night vision cameras:

These cctv cameras are able to capture the videos even in no light because they have infrared rays within them.

vii- Network/IP cameras:

The IP cameras use internet for sending the videos and audios. They need internet connection for their working.

viii- Wireless CCTV cameras:

The wireless cctv camera system is free from wires. The whole system needs no wire to connect with each other. But the wireless CCTV cameras also provide a good surveillance for security.

Uses of the CCTV Cameras

The uses of the CCTV cameras are:
i- You can observe a place even you are far away from that place.
ii- You can supervise the activities of your children at home when you are at office, and your children are in the maid’s hands.
iii- You can observe the office employees and their behaviour.
iv- You can get instant alert of an hazard like fire.
v- You can get a CCTV camera footage of the past events for if required.

CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV installation helps in protecting the offices and homes against certain threatening elements. They also help in regulating the efficient working of the staff. In this way, the CCTV camera surveillance aids in securing and prospering the homes and offices.

CCTV Camera Price in Pakistan

CCTV CameraPrice in PakistanPrice in RawalpindiPrice in KarachiPrice in Lahore
2mp HD Analog CameraRs2900Rs2900Rs2900Rs2900
2mp ip CameraRs5500Rs5500Rs5500Rs5500
4mp ip CameraRs7100Rs7100Rs7100Rs7100
5mp HD Analog CameraRs4600Rs4600Rs4600Rs4600
5mp ip CameraRs9500Rs9500Rs9500Rs9500
8mp HD Analog CameraRs14,500Rs14,500Rs14,500Rs14,500
8mp ip CameraRs22,500Rs22,500Rs22,500Rs22,500

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cctv camera price in pakistan
cctv camera price in pakistan

Which type of CCTV camera is the best?
They are different types of cctv cameras which are best for securing your places, like, dome camera, Bullet camera, C-mount camera, day/night CCTV camera, infrared night vision camera, varifocal CCTV camera, and wireless CCTV camera.